Your idea

Every creative process starts with an idea. You may already have a sucessful business and wish to broaden your audience by establishing an online presence, or you may have a new idea and believe the wwweb to be the most appropriate platform from which to launch it. Either way, theres a good chance we can help you so give us a call for some free advice and perhaps to arrange an informal discussion with one of our web industry experts.

Open Discussion

We meet and discuss your ideas in an open and straight forward way. We will listen as you articulate your idea and offer feedback based on our past experiences, no idea is too stupid. We will explain some options and potential solutions that may satisfy your requirements and outline the benefits and value of everything. Either visit our offices or we can come to you.


We present you with a proposal. Outline of deliverables based on your requirements. Project Time Plan (activecollab). As well as any optional additional services you may require such as webmail, visitor statistics or email campaign marketing.

Design & Coding

We design concepts for key pages and elements within the site. Fit in with your existing brand. Once your hapy we code it into flexible semantic templates. Integrate into an appropriate CMS. During the lifespan of the project you will be able to contstantly track progress using our project management system. Submit tickets and review milestones. Sucess of project is determined by communication, you play just as much an important part as our team.

Launch! (and testing, and training)

Deploy site/solution onto one of our dedicated servers and make sure the cogs are well oiled. We will host a fully functional ‘development/beta’ version first on a private URL so we can do some collaborative critical analysis. Once developed, We will train you fully on how to use your system, along with anyone else who requires access to the system (funding is available for this, give us a call). Online help and knowledge base is available 24 hours a day to help you diagnose and deal with the more common queries you may have (such as how to set up your email on different computers).

Build an Audience

Createsend, emarketing advice, use your blog to attract and appeal to your taregt audience with relevant news and articles. We can place an email signup box on your site to let visitors self-subscribe (and unsubscribe). Facebook, myspace, youtube etc. We can also help you with offlne marketing materials, leaflets, brochures, signage, business cards.

Track Growth & Flourish

Use our unbeatable statistics package to track visitors to your site and monitor the growth of your online audience. When you are ready to expand even further give us a call or come in to see us and we will discuss potential ideas with you. We will monitor bandwidth. Should you require any additional services later, we can arrange everything from addtional email addresses, content updates, structural updates etc…