1. Expertise

    We have been at this since 1999. While that is not an eternity, it has allowed us plenty of time to make mistakes. We have made tonnes of them. We have learnt from our mistakes and that is exactly what you will be getting from us. Experience and expertise.

    We know what works, what doesn’t and why. We know which direction to take, what colours to use and the best day to send out your email newsletter. We know all kinds of amazing stuff that we share with and pass onto our clients. Stuff they would never know or that at the very least would cost them a lot of time and money to discover.

  2. Talent

    If you think about this for a minute, most (not all) of the highly paid people in the world are those that get paid for using their talents. Musicians, artists, chefs, surgeons, architects, authors, actors, lawyers and yes even web designers. On the other side of talent is learned skills. This is not a bad side or a inferior side, just the other side. On this end you have bricklayers, gardeners, bus drivers, cashiers, waiters and fire fighters.

    What is the difference? The main difference is that one group gets paid because it does something spectacularly well. The other group has been taught a job or skill and operates within that role. In no way that am I saying that these two groups are mutually exclusive. The lines are crossed and blurred every day.

    So then, what is the point? The point is this: With the proper training, education and practice most people could learn to become an Bus Driver. On the other hand, with the proper training, schooling and tutoring, there is no guarantee of someone people becoming talented photographers, web designers or singers. I can teach you the notes, I can teach you the code, I can teach you colour theory, but unless you have “it” you don’t have “it”. By “it” I mean talent. Our clients pay us for our talent.

  3. Track Record

    We could talk ourselves up all day if you want but if your still not convinced ask some of our existing clients about us. We could bang on about increasing turnover by 200% for one client, or doubling profit for another but you might not believe us. You can get in touch with our clients, so you can ask them yourself!

    Here at Igoo, our team lives, eats and breathes website design and marketing. Who else would you rather have looking over your website?