The internet is an immensely powerful marketing tool. Statistics show that search engines are the preferred method of finding websites, with over 90% of internet users locating sites this way. When you think that at least half the people in the world have access to the web, SEO takes on a whole new significance. It can make the difference between ticking along nicely, and achieving total success.

More than 21 billion web pages jostle for the highest Google search engine rankings, and billions more are not listed at all in any search engine. You’re probably reading this right now because we’re on page #1 for the term you typed in to Google.

Is your website properly optimised?

The way your website is coded, constructed and developed directly affects how high it will be ranked in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves tuning a website so that it appears towards the top of organic website listings. We position our clients’ websites for maximum search engine visibility using a comprehensive multi-pronged approach. This includes strategic link building, quality focused copywriting, and elements of site design or redesign.

Practice What We Preach!

You probably landed on our site today via a search engine. I’m guessing we were on the first page. Our three strongest keywords are “Web” “Design” and “Liverpool” which we rank very highly for. We’re first for all of these terms and haven’t paid a penny to google, yahoo or msn for this ranking. Similar, if not better results can be achieved on your website and with your target market.

We use a variety of methods to help our clients achieve high rankings in natural search engine results, keeping our websites among the most visible on the net.

In every single one of our web-design projects we use natural search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to ensure that our websites reach and maintain high position in search engines. Natural or “Organic” SEO is accomplished by optimising the structure and content of your web pages, and by increasing your “link popularity” by acquiring links that point to your web site. Because more searchers click the natural search engine results versus the pay per click ads, you’ll get much more traffic for less expenditure. Your search engine placement will also be significantly more maintainable, compared to the equivalent pay-per-click tactic.

We know how, what, and where to implement changes that are search engine friendly, which are proven to increase ranking significantly.

Every website designed and coded by igoo is naturally search engine optimised from the ground up as we build it. If you would like us to build you a search engine optimised website, please contact us for a chat about our search engine optimisation services.