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Are You Creating ‘Future Proof’ Content?

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Google is constantly tweaking and changing its algorithms, which can make it difficult to ensure your website is staying in tip top condition in the eyes of the search engine.

For Google, the key aim is to make sure that users are having the best experience possible and finding exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

With that in mind, it’s clear to see that for your website to stay at the forefront of organic search, it’s important to constantly re-evaluate what you’re offering.

So what can you do to protect your website from Google’s next big change?

Produce excellent content. 

And to do that, you need good quality, keyword rich copy that is easy to read and of a good length. Well structured and easily digestible content is key, along with high quality images that create a real impact. References to authoritative resources is also going to stand you in good stead, aligning you alongside those in the know in your industry.

Of course, good content doesn’t just mean plus points with Google; it can be vital to creating a real community with your audience. Make sure you’re providing value to your readers, rather than just offering more noise – and once you’ve created great content, get sharing it!

We’ve Been Shortlisted For An Award!

We’re absolutely delighted to hear that we’ve been shortlisted in this year’s Merseyside Independent Business Awards in the Employer of the Year category!

And a huge shout out to two of our clients who have also been nominated – Maray for ‘Restaurant of the Year‘ and Wong’s Jewellers for ‘Retailer of the Year!’

Happy Mondays!

We can’t quite believe it but we’re coming up to our one year anniversary since we started Happy Mondays here at igoo!

Image uploaded from iOS copy 2

The idea was inspired by Gav’s trip to Copenhagen, as part of Form’s Invent programme. Whilst in the Scandinavian city, he visited an agency called ‘Hello Monday’, who share lunch as a team each weekday and who are attempting to transform the way we get the week started.

So Gav came up with our own ‘Happy Monday,’ where two members of team igoo, picked at random, choose what the entire team will be eating come Monday lunchtime.

Armed with a budget of £100 each week, the challenge is on to feed a group of 12.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 17.06.32

We’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 months eating our way around all parts of the world (and discovering you can never go wrong with pizza!)

We place a real emphasis on food being homemade or sourced from independents in the city of Liverpool – plus it’s a bonus when we have clients who own delicious restaurants too…

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.38.13

From homemade fish pies and lasagna, to a full afternoon tea, BBQs and our own pizza making party, we think we’ve got Mondays sorted!

It’s the perfect way to start the week as a team, with productivity and spirits high throughout the week.

Image uploaded from iOS

A big thank you to all of the local restaurants that we’ve visited along the way and the very helpful family members, who’ve joined in with delivering our homemade goodies, straight from the oven!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 17.06.59

Here’s to lots more Happy Mondays!

Getting Stuck Into Aquaponics With Farm Urban


The igoo team got the week off to an exciting start with a quick visit around the corner to Farm Urban, a local enterprise whose aim is to create sustainable and efficient urban farms.

Farm Urban was founded by two bio-scientists from the University of Liverpool, Dr. Paul Myers and Dr. Jens Thomas, as a way to tackle food waste, rising food costs, unhealthy lifestyles and the negative effects of food production on the environment.

We got stuck into their workshop, with the task of building an aquaponics system (a mini ecosystem) that involves fish, water and lots of leafy greens!



Split between two levels within ‘Produce Pods’, the ammonia in the waste from the fish (at the bottom level) is turned into organic nitrate fertiliser by bacteria.

The water is then pumped upwards, where the plants take up the nitrates to help them grow. What’s left is clean water, that can filter back down to the fish, ready for the cycle to start again!




Here’s one we made earlier…


The Farm Urban team have been growing lots of herbs and vegetables in their sustainable indoor farm and have also been partnering with schools across the city, to introduce the concept of urban farming at a young age.

Paul tells us that 10 year olds quickly grasp the concept of the aquaponics system (and complete the workshop quicker than many adults!)



igoo will be working closely with Farm Urban over the next couple of months, making sure their digital presence reflects the giant strides they’re making in the community.

And if you’re interested in creating your own aquaponics system, you can find all the details here.



Thanks for a great morning, Farm Urban!

Something Mermazing is Happening at Peaches & Cream

Image uploaded from iOS copy

igoo client, Peaches & Cream are famous for their fabulous make overs and growing range of make up products.

This August, they’re adding a new iridescent shade to their line of glitter pigment eyeshadows, called ‘Mermaze,’ and igoo were asked to help it to make a splash!


Alongside Peaches’ creative input, we have designed the packaging for their new product, and created internal marketing materials for their new display stand, uniforms and social media.

And to make sure the new pigment wouldn’t be missed, we created an underwater scene to cover the shop front in the build up to the launch.

Image uploaded from iOS copy 2

The highly anticipated launch party is taking place today, Wednesday 9th August, at the Peaches & Cream studio in Liverpool city centre.

Masterclasses will be running throughout the afternoon, with the team creating some mermaid-y makeovers with the stunning new shade.

In true Peaches style, there will be lots of fun, games and sea themed entertainment throughout the day – and everyone’s invited!

Expect mermaid costumes, beauty bloggers, some members of the igoo team and maybe even a certain Davy Jones…

Did You Know…?

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.06.41

One of the many perks of being a Google Partner is the exciting updates we receive in the post each month.

And as part of their ongoing campaign, #GameOnAdventure, we’ve just received their new memory card game, giving us lots of helpful insights when it comes to all things Youtube.

Did you know that over 100,000 years of content is watched daily on Youtube? And that 80% of women are likely to engage with Youtube adverts after watching an empowering video?

There are over 1 billion users on the video platform, with 76 languages being featured. And of all those users, more than 50% view videos on their mobile device.

So, what are you watching next?

igoo x Invent (Round 2)


Last month, igoo’s Jack set off to Berlin with Form, as part of their 2017 Invent programme.

igoo have worked closely with Form over the last few years and after our own Gav had such an enlightening trip to Copenhagen with them last year, this year’s opportunity just couldn’t be missed.

The six month programme is designed for leaders in the UK’s creative and digital sectors, to discover how other companies work and to encourage growth. The trip to Deutschland formed the first section of the programme, with a few more interesting meet ups to follow throughout the year.


Over a jam-packed 3 days, Jack visited four fantastic tech and creative companies in Berlin: MoreSleep, A Colour Bright, Ogilvy & Mather, AJ & Smart.

Each of the companies Jack met were open and forthcoming when discussing all aspects of their businesses; from what worked and helped to create successful projects, to what didn’t always go to plan…

With a huge range of clients between them, including both local and national companies (such as Adidas and Coca Cola), each of the companies placed an emphasis on the impact of their clients’ businesses and the wider social impact, rather than traditional financial gains.


On his return to the studio, Jack presented to the rest of the team, putting together a little more information about the companies that he visited, what he discovered and learnt, and how that could be reflected for igoo.


So what did we learn?

– the importance of storytelling and how photography can help

– passion is key in delivering great results

– design and develop internal projects with strong opinions

– having flexible processes to accommodate different projects

– always make time to innovate

– workshops are a factor in delivering the right product

– an emphasis on sharing internal knowledge and passions



With lots of little changes happening here at igoo over the last couple of months, we’re full of new ideas and looking forward to taking inspiration from Jack’s trip.

As always, stay tuned on our blog and social channels to keep up to date with all things igoo!


Oh and here’s Jack on a Segway, in the rain…


Exciting Opportunities With Be One Percent


We have been partnered with Be One Percent for a number of years now, and Helen (one of the Be One Percent team) recently popped into the studio to give an overview of the charity, and to talk about the amazing work they are doing in trying to eradicate poverty.

Did you know that Be One Percent helps the world’s poorest people via those who give just 1% of their monthly income?

When you add all those 1%’s up, it makes for a pot of money that can really change the lives of those living in the world’s poorest communities.

Check out their website for more info at

A New Website For Our New Neighbours


We’re certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat and drink in the Baltic Triangle and we’ve just found our new favourite hangout over in the Baltic Market!

The newest offering to Liverpool’s food and drink scene, and the city’s first street food market, comes from the minds of the hugely successful, Independent Liverpool.

igoo were approached to create a website for the new venture, which will host local independent food stalls from Thursday – Sunday each week.


David from Baltic Market said:

‘We’ve had a brilliant experience with igoo, who have built our new website from start to finish. The team took a genuine interest in our new venture and were great to communicate with throughout. We look forward to using them a lot in the future.’


Make sure you head down and grab a taste of Liverpool – you won’t be disappointed!

Love At First Byte


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re feeling all loved up! Our new illustrative artwork is now up on our studio window – we’d love for you to pop down and get a closer look.

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