Launched in Autumn 2012, beauty review site Mixed Gems has attracted a strong audience and the igoo custom branding and build has allowed the site to secure a unique place within the online beauty world. The Mixed Gems site is stylish and sleek, with clearly divided categories for beauty and skincare, plus a search feature for simple navigation.

Rose, the brains (and beauty) behind Mixed Gems, told us exactly how the team at igoo have helped get her venture off the ground and onto the web:

”Since igoo helped me to redesign and brand Mixed Gems, it has gone from strength to strength. The layout of the website has really helped me to separate my areas of expertise, gaining me a particular following for both skincare and make-up features. Often people comment on the professional look of the website and it has helped to separate me from other blogs and given me a more editorial placement within the online beauty community.”

The key to Mixed Gems’ blog success is regular updates with relevant and interesting content and the use of social media channels to maximise exposure and boost visitor numbers. On-site blogs are a great way to improve SEO and drive traffic to any website. If you want to know more, give us a call.