Pay-Per-Click advertising is often the number one source of traffic and revenue for startups. We have delivered a consistent return of investment for all of our PPC clients, which has allowed them to grow geographically whilst also increasing their product ranges. Throughout the years, we have been on the front foot with PPC campaigns including the introduction of Google Shopping, Re-marketing and more recently the Mobile First index in Google.

Google Search Ads

These are the adverts that appear on the top of search engines and in prime location for maximum clicks. We target keywords that are relevant to your products and services. By bidding against your competitors, we aim to get maximum visibility for your customers whilst keeping a healthy return of investment. 

Bing & Yahoo Search Ads As above.

Google Display Ads

These are adverts in the form of text or imagery that appear on Google’s advertising network. The network spans over 100 million websites world wide and are sites that your customers are visiting on a day to day basis.

Google Shopping Ads

We manage and send your product catalogue to Google Merchant centre on a daily basis. This keeps it fresh with product additions and changes, as well as keeping Google updated of stock and price changes. We advertise these products via the Google Shopping platform on a PPC model similar to search ads. 

Bing and Yahoo Shopping As above

Google Remarketing

Capturing a sale or enquiry might not happen on a customers’ first visit to your site. We can remarket your products and services via the display network through subtle and targeted advertising. As it is so tailored and targeted, the return of investment with remarketing is one of the highest in PPC marketing.