15 Years SEO Experience
100% White Hat Practices

If you want people to find your website, then search engine optimisation needs to be a part of your digital marketing strategy. We’re a Liverpool SEO agency that has the expert knowledge, understanding and experience of how search engines work to improve your website’s performance in the organic search results.

When you search for something on Google, which organic search result do you click? The one on page 3 or the one at the top of Google? The higher you rank, the more visible you become to your potential customers.

What SEO services do we offer?

Whether you’re looking to convert more e-commerce sales, generate leads or increase footfall, our Liverpool SEO agency will work closely with you on devising a long term strategy designed to improve your brand’s visibility that’s in line with your business goals.

This includes the following:

SEO Audit

We’ll conduct a thorough SEO audit which will provide us with all the necessary data regarding the health of your site. Not only will this help to identify any issues that may prevent a search engine from crawling and indexing your web pages, but it can also reveal any elements that are creating a poor user experience for your target audience.

Keyword Research

You may think you know what your potential customers are searching for, but our in-depth keyword analysis will help to identify any important search terms that you may have missed, by looking at traffic volume data teamed with search intent.  

Competitor Analysis

Wondering why your competitors are ranking higher for particular search terms? Or maybe you’re not quite sure who all your competitors are due to the fast-paced digital landscape we now have to contend with.

Our competitor research is specific to your industry and will help to identify who they are and what they are doing, so as to improve your position and authority.

Structural and Technical Optimisation

Technical SEO is crucial for your website’s performance as it involves many elements all coming together to make sure that the structure and on-page content of your website has the best possible chance to rank in the SERPs.

Our SEO team will work with our in-house web development team to make sure your website both functions and adheres to Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Optimised Content

Carefully curated content is a powerful SEO tool that can be the difference between a conversion and a page exit. Our content marketing efforts will involve creating user-focused content that’s in line with the overall SEO strategy, in order to boost traffic and improve your rankings for important keywords.

Backlink Audit

Link building is an aspect of SEO that can prove to be disastrous if not implemented correctly,  so we’ll analyse your current backlink profile in order to identify any potentially manipulative links that could be harming your website’s authority.

We also provide link building target recommendations that will provide high quality link benefits for your site’s rankings.

Local SEO

If you want to rank for searches in your local area, an optimised Google Business listing is a must. We’ll make sure that your listing is set up properly, verified and optimised for those all-important local searches.

Social Media

Social signals are becoming an increasingly important of SEO, and we can help you make the most of your social media – not only to improve your rankings, but to improve your customer relations too.

Ongoing Analysis

We will closely monitor your website’s progress and provide you with easy-to-digest monthly reports that will document any successes. However, if something’s not working then we’ll react by adapting the strategy.

Why choose IGOO as your SEO agency in Liverpool?

We’re a specialist e-commerce web design and marketing agency that has worked with local, national and international brands, and we create winning SEO campaigns that value the integrity of each client we work with.

Our SEO services and strategies acknowledge industry guidelines and the value of proven, ethical approaches in order to provide long-term success for all of our clients, which is why we only practice ‘white-hat’ SEO techniques.