eCommerce Strategy

We work closely with our clients, regularly assessing and adapting strategies to ensure the work we deliver is industry leading.

IGOO intentionally limit the number of projects we take on at any one time to ensure we are able to commit the necessary studio resources to our existing clients. Our experienced team of User Experience Designers and Strategists help not only in mapping digital strategies but also in converting those strategies into actionable plans which can be implemented quickly. 

Choosing the destination…


Often when we run a workshop, we often hear the same thing from our clients, “It’s been so long since we have all sat around a table together and discussed these things!”

Our workshops provide an opportunity for a focused, facilitated discussion, ensuring each voice is heard as part of the initial design consultation. These sessions also allow ideas which may have lay dormant to come to the surface and be refined. A big part of this exercise is to ensure the project aims and objectives can stand up to feedback and criticism. Once projects are in flight, we continue to validate key outputs with project stakeholders at agreed milestones to align thinking, share progress, facilitate discussions and gather suggestions for improvement.

Understanding how to get there…

Selling online requires retailers to be constantly on the lookout for changes in their sector, as well as the wants and needs of their customers. We use a collection of activities to plan out a project, the following is simply a small collection fo the type of services we provide.

Design, Marketing and Technical Audits

Using a combination of tools, we collate findings of how websites are being used, what elements are valuable to users and which elements may be restricting sales. This data is used to create packages of work aimed at optimising website performance.

Persona Creation

We work with you to identify your target audiences and to map out indicative audience personas. This provides insights into the commonalities which exist amongst these prospective users, and how these need to be considered in style and language used on website and in marketing collateral.

Sector Research

We analyse existing and prospective competitor websites, as well as take insights from other industries, to ensure we observe and stay ahead of current trends and industry best practices specific to your project. We agree with you which insights are valuable to be taken forward and considered as part of the design.