igoo provide a full PPC set-up and management service, allowing our clients to advertise through Google search results, confidently and effectively.

Pay-Per-Click advertising allows businesses to pay to advertise their products/services through search engines such as Google. Ads are carefully tailored to your target market and appear above or alongside the natural results.

Ads are displayed in search engine results when a search includes one of your keywords, for example ‘Liverpool Hotel.’ You only pay when a potential customer chooses to click on your ad and is directed to your website.

With no minimum spend, you can choose to set your daily advertising budget to whatever amount you wish. Once your daily budget is spent, your ads stop running until the next day, simple as that.

The success of a PPC campaign can be tracked by setting goals such as product sales, newsletter sign ups or completion of a contact form. These goals are tracked via monthly reports to give an insight into how your customers are reacting to your ads.

There are no time constrictions involved in PPC, you are free to start, edit, pause or end advertising, whenever you please.

If you’d like to give PPC a whirl for your company, Amy will be happy to advise.