You may have heard about a recent malware scare, which could have potentially damaging implications in regards to your personal data.

We wanted to advise you on some steps you can take to protect yourself from this threat and to ensure you are not at risk in the future:

1. Ensure your system software is up-to-date.

2. Make sure you have internet security software installed on your machine and that it has recently been updated.

3.┬áTreat email attachments with caution. If they have been sent from an unknown address, don’t click on any links or downloads included in the email unless you are absolutely sure they are safe.

4. Remain vigilant towards phishing emails and remember that services such as online banking or PayPal will never ask for you for any personal details.

5. Avoid storing passwords on your computer- especially for online banking and PayPal.

6. Make sure you have backups of important files just in case your security is compromised.

We can reassure you that your website will not be under threat from any virus software and that you can continue to use and access your site as normal.