Last month, igoo’s Jack set off to Berlin with Form, as part of their 2017 Invent programme.

igoo have worked closely with Form over the last few years and after our own Gav had such an enlightening trip to Copenhagen with them last year, this year’s opportunity just couldn’t be missed.

The six month programme is designed for leaders in the UK’s creative and digital sectors, to discover how other companies work and to encourage growth. The trip to Deutschland formed the first section of the programme, with a few more interesting meet ups to follow throughout the year.


Over a jam-packed 3 days, Jack visited four fantastic tech and creative companies in Berlin: MoreSleep, A Colour Bright, Ogilvy & Mather, AJ & Smart.

Each of the companies Jack met were open and forthcoming when discussing all aspects of their businesses; from what worked and helped to create successful projects, to what didn’t always go to plan…

With a huge range of clients between them, including both local and national companies (such as Adidas and Coca Cola), each of the companies placed an emphasis on the impact of their clients’ businesses and the wider social impact, rather than traditional financial gains.


On his return to the studio, Jack presented to the rest of the team, putting together a little more information about the companies that he visited, what he discovered and learnt, and how that could be reflected for igoo.


So what did we learn?

– the importance of storytelling and how photography can help

– passion is key in delivering great results

– design and develop internal projects with strong opinions

– having flexible processes to accommodate different projects

– always make time to innovate

– workshops are a factor in delivering the right product

– an emphasis on sharing internal knowledge and passions


With lots of little changes happening here at igoo over the last couple of months, we’re full of new ideas and looking forward to taking inspiration from Jack’s trip.

As always, stay tuned on our blog and social channels to keep up to date with all things igoo!


Oh and here’s Jack on a Segway, in the rain…