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Google is constantly tweaking and changing its algorithms, which can make it difficult to ensure your website is staying in tip top condition in the eyes of the search engine.

For Google, the key aim is to make sure that users are having the best experience possible and finding exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

With that in mind, it’s clear to see that for your website to stay at the forefront of organic search, it’s important to constantly re-evaluate what you’re offering.

So what can you do to protect your website from Google’s next big change?

Produce excellent content. 

And to do that, you need good quality, keyword rich copy that is easy to read and of a good length. Well structured and easily digestible content is key, along with high quality images that create a real impact. References to authoritative resources is also going to stand you in good stead, aligning you alongside those in the know in your industry.

Of course, good content doesn’t just mean plus points with Google; it can be vital to creating a real community with your audience. Make sure you’re providing value to your readers, rather than just offering more noise – and once you’ve created great content, get sharing it!