The new iPhone ad is fantastic.

Somehow apple manage to demonstrate the sophistication of their handset in less than 30 seconds. Just from watcing this short clip you learn that you can hold this thing in your hand, you control it by touching the screen, you can watch films on it, it’s fast, you can type on it, it has maps, it knows your location, it makes useful decisions for you, and *crucially* you can make calls. Too many phone adverts today provide me with the knowledge that I can plug headphones into the handset, but leave me wondering if the phonebook UI is really any good.

The best part about this approach is you learn all of this through the use of a scenario, not in the context of an explanation. That anonymous hand holding the handset is mine, and the voiceover represents my internal thought process as I realise I’m hungry, having seen that giant killer squid.

Apple always seem to play the simplicity card so effortlessly, both in their products and their advertising. This, for me, is advertisement at its best.