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Unfortunate Ad Placements

The inability to choose your next closest neighbour has made for some unfortunate, but funny, “branding issues”. Even television advertising suffers from this issue.

Splash Pages, Do we really need them?

Yes, sometimes we do. Should we use them? No, we probably shouldn’t. Splash screen (or splash page) is a front page of a web-site that don’t provide the actual content, but offers visitors some kind of intuition or background information for what the site is about. Designers use splash pages in their portfolios to impress potential clients with eye-candy. Companies tend to make use of them to draw users’ attention to their latest products. And users literally can’t stand them, because splash pages usually take a long time to load and provide (almost) no navigation options – except of entering the site.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Imagine google trying to optomise so that it could rank higher on Google?

Meangene does a step by step transformation of the existing google site. See how different it becomes.


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