Earlier this year MyFootballClub.co.uk was launched with the intent to gather together a crowd of football fans to pool resources and buy a football club. About 50,000 members paid £35 , creating a fund of about £1,375,000, and today the site announced that they had parlayed that cash into a deal in principle to acquire a majority stake in a Conference league football club, Ebbsfleet United. The site’s members will have the option to buy the entire club in the future at a fixed price.

“MyFootballClub members will own the club, vote on team selection, decide which players to buy and sell and guide the club up the leagues,” proclaimed the web site this morning. According to Reuters the club welcomes the fan involvement, with management looking forward to using the influx of cash to expand the club. “During and after matches, Ebbsfleet supporters often give me their opinion on which players should or shouldn’t start games. Now they can have their say,” Coach Liam Dash told the BBC.