A cable linking West Africa to Europe is planned to deliver broadband-speed Internet to users in West Africa.  The plan to introduce the change in Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) broadband cable comes online in December. It hopes to make it less frustrating to use the Internet and to help achieve millennium development goals on education, health and the environment by using the Internet as an advocacy tool to raise awareness of these issues in the region. It is also thought by some that introducing high-speed broadband to the region will improve opportunities for economic development.

However, there are some in opposition to spending money in areas such as technology when funding for even the most basic necessities can be scarce. Charles Kenny, of the Centre for Global Development, is sceptical about the grand claims made by the Broadband Commission and feels that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Here’s what the Guardian had to say – http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/2012/jun/13/west-africa-high-speed-broadband?INTCMP=SRCH


What difference do you think this will make to the region? Should it be a focus for investment?