We can’t quite believe it but we’re coming up to our one year anniversary since we started Happy Mondays here at igoo!

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The idea was inspired by Gav’s trip to Copenhagen, as part of Form’s Invent programme. Whilst in the Scandinavian city, he visited an agency called ‘Hello Monday’, who share lunch as a team each weekday and who are attempting to transform the way we get the week started.

So Gav came up with our own ‘Happy Monday,’ where two members of team igoo, picked at random, choose what the entire team will be eating come Monday lunchtime.

Armed with a budget of £100 each week, the challenge is on to feed a group of 12.

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We’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 months eating our way around all parts of the world (and discovering you can never go wrong with pizza!)

We place a real emphasis on food being homemade or sourced from independents in the city of Liverpool – plus it’s a bonus when we have clients who own delicious restaurants too…

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From homemade fish pies and lasagna, to a full afternoon tea, BBQs and our own pizza making party, we think we’ve got Mondays sorted!

It’s the perfect way to start the week as a team, with productivity and spirits high throughout the week.

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A big thank you to all of the local restaurants that we’ve visited along the way and the very helpful family members, who’ve joined in with delivering our homemade goodies, straight from the oven!

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Here’s to lots more Happy Mondays!