The igoo team got the week off to an exciting start with a quick visit around the corner to Farm Urban, a local enterprise whose aim is to create sustainable and efficient urban farms.

Farm Urban was founded by two bio-scientists from the University of Liverpool, Dr. Paul Myers and Dr. Jens Thomas, as a way to tackle food waste, rising food costs, unhealthy lifestyles and the negative effects of food production on the environment.

We got stuck into their workshop, with the task of building an aquaponics system (a mini ecosystem) that involves fish, water and lots of leafy greens!


Split between two levels within ‘Produce Pods’, the ammonia in the waste from the fish (at the bottom level) is turned into organic nitrate fertiliser by bacteria.

The water is then pumped upwards, where the plants take up the nitrates to help them grow. What’s left is clean water, that can filter back down to the fish, ready for the cycle to start again!


Here’s one we made earlier…


The Farm Urban team have been growing lots of herbs and vegetables in their sustainable indoor farm and have also been partnering with schools across the city, to introduce the concept of urban farming at a young age.

Paul tells us that 10 year olds quickly grasp the concept of the aquaponics system (and complete the workshop quicker than many adults!)


igoo will be working closely with Farm Urban over the next couple of months, making sure their digital presence reflects the giant strides they’re making in the community.

And if you’re interested in creating your own aquaponics system, you can find all the details here.


Thanks for a great morning, Farm Urban!