Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to encourage your customers to convert. But do you know how to maximise your conversions this Black Friday weekend?

We’re highlighting all the elements you need to be thinking of when it comes to reaching your audience directly in their inboxes.

So from the top…

Start early

Black Friday is taking place on 27th November 2020 with promotions often running across the weekend until Cyber Monday on 30th November 2020. Time has been a strange one in 2020 (biggest understatement!) and as we’re coming to the end of October, now is the time to begin crafting your content and getting your offers finalised.

With more sales than ever expected online this Cyber Weekend, you need to make sure you stand out from the swathes of other ecommerce stores out there and plant yourselves firmly in those inboxes.

If you’re not 100% sure what deals you’ll be able to offer this Black Friday, it’s a good idea to let your followers know you will be offering something.

It may mean that some customers hold off purchasing with you just incase the product they’ve had their eye on goes down in price, but sometimes it’s best to make sure you’re at the forefront of your customer’s minds and profiling your products as much as possible, rather than waiting for a competitor to swoop in and steal that sale with a shiny offer.

Think content

With all these offers and teasers filling up inboxes across the UK and worldwide, you need to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd.

It can be helpful to think what works during sales periods from other times of the year – for example, Christmas advent calendars where one special offer is unveiled each day work well and can drive valuable traffic to your site over a sustained period. Maybe a ‘spin the wheel’ style competition would work well for you if you’re able to offer a variety of different codes or offers? Shoppers love an interactive element so the world is your oyster!

And don’t foget, email marketing is also powerful for brand awareness. Whether you’re stocking a new line of products or are the authority for a particular topic within your industry, it’s important to make that known to potential customers.

Reward subscribers

A great way to entice existing customers and followers of your brand is to offer an exclusive offer over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only will it encourage others to sign up to your email marketing lists, but it can encourage higher click through rates and increase basket totals.

Whether you offer early access to deals, free shipping or discounts on larger quantities of products such as bundles or add-ons, subscribers wil feel they’re more valued and more likely to head to your store for a browse.

Once you’ve decided on your approach, make sure your email is tailored with that content. If you’re selling a particular shampoo, is there a conditioner or hair mask you could bundle in for a special discounted price? Or could you discount a higher priced crockery set for subscribers, instead of than offering each item individually?

Whichever discount you choose, make it as appealing as possible for those loyal customers who are engaged with your brand – after all, it is much easier to sell to these customers than to find a new audience.

And if you’re currently pushing to increase your number of subscribers, think about what you could offer customers to encourage them to sign up – percentage discounts work well here (i.e. 10% off for all new subscribers).

Choose effective subject lines

The best email subject lines are enticing and informative, without giving too much away; there’s a fine line between telling all in a few words and not being compelling enough to open!

For some inspo this Cyber Weekend, try these subject lines:

  • Black Friday Preview Event!
  • Get Ready for our Biggest Sale Ever!
  • ⏰ Black Friday Countdown Starts… NOW! ⏰
  • Black Friday Sale – The Offers You’ve Been Waiting For
  • Black Friday Sale Starts Now – GO GO GO!
  • Cyber Weekend Deals Revealed Inside ⚡
  • If you’re going to open one email this Cyber Weekend…
  • SURPRISE! Open for Exclusive Black Friday Offers
  • Exclusive Discounts Inside – Shop Now!
  • Black Friday Drops Now – Exclusive Access
  • Be the First to Shop Black Friday Offers
  • Get our amazing deals now! – 25% OFF 🚨
  • An EXCLUSIVE Cyber Monday treat inside…

Stay in touch

Black Friday and flash sales throughout the year are the perfect time to turn your new customers into lifelong followers, so make sure you use those powerful email addresses well when all the excitement is over.

Encouraging shoppers to leave reviews on your site, via your social channels or on industry feedback sites can all add up to future sales so if you have the facilities available, this is the perfect way to use those new contacts. Plus by simply adding your social media handles onto your emails, you can organically increase your follower counts.

And to help grow brand loyalty and to maximise engagement, try segmenting new customer email addresses for more targeted offers in the future. Try running A/B testing to make sure your emails are hitting the spot too. Sometimes, a simple personalised email can increase click through rates, so consider adding first name personalisation into the subject line or content of your email marketing.

IGOO can optimise your campaigns…

If you’d rather spend your time focusing on other elements of your ecommerce offering this Black Friday, the marketing team at IGOO can take care of the hard part – just get in touch below to discuss how we can turbo-charge your email marketing this Cyber Weekend.